February 28, 2024 | by Mimi chao

Our project for 2024 is Seasons, an exploration of earth's natural cycles and our connection to them. This project includes a new art collection The 24 Solar Terms, an exclusive Mimochai Studio class series Creative Nature, and a new picture book, all centered around this theme.

I'll be sharing each Solar Term in real-time as the period passes. Follow along and see the animated versions on Instagram @mimochai.

  • 1- Start of Spring 立春

    Lì Chūn (立春), the first Solar Term, marks the first day of the Solar New Year— a few days before the Lunar New Year. Occuring around Feb 3rd to the 4th, this period signifies when nature begins to awaken from its winter rest.

    Symbolically, Lì Chūn is a time of renewal and hope. It represents a fresh start, inviting one to plant seeds not just in the ground, but in one’s life as well. Plum and peach blossoms are often associated with this period.

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  • 2- Rain Water 雨水

    Yǔ Shuǐ (雨水), the second Solar Term, signals a time when winter’s chill begins to wane and the nourishing rains soak the earth. Occurring around Feb 18-20, this period signifies the earth's preparation for the rebirth of spring.

    This period is not just about literal rain; it's a reminder of the importance of nurturing and preparation. As the rain revitalizes the soil, making it ready for sowing, it also invites us to prepare our minds and hearts for new growth and possibilities.

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  • 3- Emergence of Life 惊蛰

    Jīngzhé (惊蛰), the 3rd Solar Term, marks the awakening of the earth as it stirs from its winter slumber. Occurring around March 5th to the 7th, this time heralds the subtle signs of spring's imminent arrival. 惊蛰 can be literally translated as “stirring from hibernation” and is traditionally known as “Awakening of Insects.”

    I’ve interpreted it as “Emergence of Life.” This period is more than just about the stirring of dormant creatures; it symbolizes a period of awakening and renewal for us all. Like those emerging from hibernation, we have chance to lift out of the haze of slumber and embrace the new growth that Spring will soon bring. 

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  • 4- Spring Equinox 春分

    Chūnfēn (春分), the 4th Solar Term, marks the Spring Equinox. This time signals a moment of perfect balance, where day and night share equal lengths (its literal translation is 'spring division'). Occurring around March 20th to the 21st, this solar term typically coincides with the official first day of Spring. 

    Chūnfēn 春分 celebrates equilibrium and renewal. It reminds us that balance throughout the universe is essential and that growth often springs from harmony. May this time inspire us to embrace both light and shadow, and to find that balance in our own lives. 

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The Solar Terms

The Sequence

1- 立春 (Lì Chūn) - Start of Spring [February 3rd - 315°]

2- 雨水 (Yǔ Shuǐ) - Rain Water [February 18th - 330°]

3- 惊蛰 (Jīng Zhé) - Emergence of Life [March 5th - 345°]

4- 春分 (Chūn Fēn) - Spring Equinox [March 20th - 0°]

5- 清明 (Qīng Míng) - Clear Brightness [April 4th - 15°]

6- 谷雨 (Gǔ Yǔ) - Grain Rain [April 20th - 30°]

7- 立夏 (Lì Xià) - Start of Summer [May 5th - 45°]

8- 小满 (Xiǎo Mǎn) - Grain Full [May 21st - 60°]

9- 芒种 (Máng Zhòng) - Grain in Ear [June 5th - 75°]

10- 夏至 (Xià Zhì) - Summer Solstice [June 21st - 90°]

11- 小暑 (Xiǎo Shǔ) - Minor Heat [July 7th - 105°]

12- 大暑 (Dà Shǔ) - Major Heat [July 23rd - 120°]

13- 立秋 (Lì Qiū) - Beginning of Autumn [August 7th - 135°]

14- 处暑 (Chù Shǔ) - Limit of Heat [August 23rd - 150°]

15- 白露 (Bái Lù) - White Dew [September 7th - 165°]

16- 秋分 (Qiū Fēn) - Autumnal Equinox [September 23rd - 180°]

17- 寒露 (Hán Lù) - Cold Dew [October 8th - 195°]

18- 霜降 (Shuāng Jiàng) - Descent of Frost [October 23rd - 210°]

19- 立冬 (Lì Dōng) - Start of Winter [November 7th - 225°]

20- 小雪 (Xiǎo Xuě) - Minor Snow [November 22nd - 240°]

21- 大雪 (Dà Xuě) - Major Snow [December 7th - 255°]

22- 冬至 (Dōng Zhì) - Winter Solstice [December 22nd - 270°]

23- 小寒 (Xiǎo Hán) - Minor Cold [January 6th - 285°]

24- 大寒 (Dà Hán) - Major Cold [January 20th - 300°]

About the Solar Terms

The 24 Solar Terms 节气 (Jié Qì) are the ancient Chinese markers of that divide the year into 24 equal parts based on the earth's position around the sun.

These fascinating terms are not just about time; they're signposts for living in harmony with the natural world. Each term signals a shift in the seasons, offering cues that are once practical and poetic.

A Reflection of Our Nature

More than mere dates, the Solar Terms are a mosaic of cultural wisdom, guiding agricultural practices and celebrating the subtle shifts in weather and energy that mark our journey around the sun. From the softness of spring's first breeze to the silent descent of winter's snow, the Solar Terms offer a path to rediscover our connection to the natural world and the rhythms that have shaped human life for millennia.

This ancient system offers a guide to noticing the subtle shifts in nature and how these transitions can serve as a mirror for our own lives.

Exploring Connections

Illustrating the Solar Terms offers a chance to explore my cultural heritage, reconnect with the earth's natural rhythms, and contemplate its connection to creativity and mindfulness.

Through this series, I seek to share a mindful appreciation of our surroundings, bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and contemporary life, and invite others to reflect on their own relationship with their inner and outer worlds.

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Seasons in the Studio

Creative Nature is our latest Mimochai Studio class series, providing a mindful path to reconnect with your own natural creativity.

Explore monthly seasonal themes with step-by-step drawing demos, creative prompts, and guided meditations.

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Seasons Story

The final piece of our Seasons project is our third picture book. We'll be sharing the story starting later this year. Stay tuned ✨

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