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Learn to draw beautifully in the safe space of our guided studio

Studio Offerings

Our studio is designed to support your creative journey. We have a full library of on-demand classes (over 12 hours of high-quality videos), livestream events, and guided drawing prompts.

Get immediate access to our exclusive posts filled with helpful resources from technical tips to creative career advice, including:

- How to deal with your inner critic

- How to price your artwork

- How to set up your files & make prints

- Best learning platforms & drawing tools

- and much more 🌟

We now offer two membership tiers, choose the right one for you! Find all the details below.

Our Unique Approach

Our studio is a welcoming gathering space for anyone who wants to be more creative, learn to draw, and overcome their blocks. With our gentle guidance and Mimi's unique mindfulness approach, you can cultivate your artistic practice and discover creative wellbeing.

We make it easy for you to jump right in, and there is no pressure, only support. Cancel on your own terms, anytime.

More Than Just Classes

We have heard over and over that one of the best parts of our studio is the community.

While our studio started as a place to host Mimi's classes, resources, and livestreams all in one place, what we love most are the kind, sweet members that have gathered to create this wonderful community.

"I’m really glad that I found this community!! This mindful approach is really helping me to observe my thoughts and face my fears and frustrations."

- Radhika G.

A Month in the Studio

Studio FAQ

Guided Prompts

Mimi's unique approach to will help you unblock and just start drawing

Livestream Events

Join our monthly happy hours and drawing sessions to learn & relax

Supportive Community

Discover the joy of being in company with friendly creatives who are growing with you

NEW ✨ Our Signature Drawing Foundations Course

We are so happy to announce our new Drawing Foundations course! It's a comprehensive guide through drawing fundmentals with a Mimochai style and our signature mindful approach.

The course is designed so you can follow along in the medium of your choice. Mimi uses digital painting, colored pencils, and acryla gouache painting.

Join as a Studio Artist and receive access to all of the on-demand tutorials. Share your work for feedback from Mimi and our welcoming community.

Topics Covered

The course presents Mimi's mindful teaching style and 80/20 approach to cover:

1. Lines & Shapes: How to see like an artist and construct your drawings

2. Value & Form: Finally get a grip on value and learn how to communicate form

3. Color & Light: Learn to see, understand, and use color in an intuitive way

4. Portraits: A simplified approach to constructing the face and hands

5. Depth & Composition: An overview of perspective and how to bring it all together

Join Us

What's Included

1. On-Demand Video Tutorials

2. Drawing Workbook PDF

3. Companion Articles for Quick Reference

4. Monthly Live Sessions with Q&A

5. Mimi's Tools & Resources List

6. Community Support

More to Learn

When you're done, check out our other creative classes with over 12 hours of on-demand video guidance, including:

Intro Class Set*: Nurture Your Drawing Practice

• Design Your Daily Sketchbook

A Year of Magical Drawing

• Find Your Creative Path

• Create Your Passion Project

• Build Your Art Shop & Site

• And more!

Watch the lessons and build your artistic practice at your own pace.

* Included with all memberships. All other on-demand classes, including Drawing Foundations, are available for Studio Artist members.

"Everything is so clear, organized, and professional and it makes me both calm and excited to grow in my art journey, so thank you!"

- Morit S.


$12 Monthly (Early Bird $5 for very limited time)

An introductory tier for those who want to dip their toes in with the community and resources first 🌱

• Intro Class Set

• Drawing Prompts

• Resource Library

• Live Events

• Q&A with Mimi

• Supportive Community


$27 Monthly or $297 Yearly (1 month free)

Our original, full-access membership level for those committed to their creative growth 🌿

• All Classes

• All Livestream Replays

• Full-Length Demos for Prompts

• Direct Feedback from Mimi

• Q&A priority, 1:1 opportunities

• Everything from Studio Member level

See For Yourself

Join with a free 3-day trial to see if it's right for you ✨ Find our FAQ here.

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What Our Members Are Saying

"I just want to say, already in the short time since I have been a member of Cloud House, I am so happy to have joined! It is so nice to have a positive community. With COVID 19, I have limited exposure to people outside of my house (I am on immunosuppressants) and it feels so good to have a community of people who enjoy similar things. My main gratitude of today is this group!"

- Colleen D.

"I can't believe how lucky we are that we get to learn with you, Mimi 💛 Cannot WAIT!!"

- Mary B.

"I'm an amateur digital artist... With my newly acquired iPad and this warm inspiring community, it feels like anything is possible." 

- Manav K.

"I'm now beginning to pursue my dreams of building an illustration business~ Looking forward to connect with other creatives!"

- C.J.

"I really fell headlong into the concept of the livestreams as a lovely way to de-stress and focus on something else after work. Even though I'm a total beginner to drawing, I found myself going back to the template every other week to draw out things that happened that week."

- Joann L.

"I used to draw a lot, but in these last couple of years, I almost completely lost interest in drawing. I started to feel a bit overwhelmed with my illustration projects because I was being driven by my fears and frustrations. But I’m really glad that I found this community!! This mindful approach is really helping me to observe my thoughts and face my fears and frustrations. “Start your creative journey” class really helped me to restart with more confidence!"

- Radhika G.

"I honestly believe it is only after joining & doing YOMD [Year of Magical Drawing] has my art improved. Thank you mimi for this platform ❤️"

- Lakshmi R.

"I'm so happy to have found the studio and it feels so good to dive into all your content! Everything is so clear, organized, and professional and it makes me both calm and excited to grow in my art journey so thank you!"

-Morit S.