We create illustrated stories that encourage curiosity, wonder, and exploration

Our Story

Mimochai is an independent studio based in LA, led by owner-illustrator Mimi Chao.

We love creating magical worlds that give a sense of wonder. Our picture books are proudly carried in over 100 stores across the country and growing every day.

Read on to learn more about our story, mission, and values.

About Mimi

Mimochai started out of a desire to find a more meaningful life. Mimi is a former-lawyer-turned-illustrator. She loved to read and draw while growing up, but she was strongly discouraged by her family from pursuing a creative career.

After four years at a law firm, and well over a decade of not drawing, Mimi went through a long journey to rediscover her own childhood dream of making art and stories.

That's why she is passionate about using her work to encourage creativity and mindfulness in all ages, and hopes to inspire others to find their own true path.

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