Our Story

Mimochai is an independent studio based in LA. We are passionate about sharing art and stories to encourage creativity and mindfulness in all ages.

Read on to learn more about our story, mission, and values.

Mimochai started out of a desire to find a more meaningful life. Our founder Mimi is a former-lawyer-turned-illustrator, and went through a long journey to rediscover her own childhood dream. That's why she is passionate about championing creativity in kids and encouraging anyone to find their own true path.

Quick Tour

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Our Values

We focus on making meaningful work through a sustainable business, and give back to our community while doing so. Read our posts below to learn more about each aspect.

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Our Patreon serves as our intimate community where we offer behind-the-scenes content, gather feedback, and really get to treat our supporters as part of our studio. It's one of our favorite aspects of what we do. Learn more:

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