Creative Classes in Mimochai Studio

Creative Classes in Mimochai Studio

Our most popular classes are now available for standalone purchase on Mimochai Studio! Here's a list of classes currently available. More info below!

  1. Drawing Foundations
  2. Introductory Class Set: Nurture Your Drawing Practice 
  3. Start Your Creative Journey: Mindful Growth
  4. Make Your Creative Space 
  5. Learn Digital Painting
  6. Create Your Passion Set: Build Your Website & Passion Projects
  7. A Year of Magical Drawing 

All class purchases also come with basic access to our Studio Community so you can share your progress and get support & optional feedback. This includes the Community bulletin and spaces for sharing class work, drawing prompts, and other creative questions and updates :) 

If you'd like to take more than one class, consider joining as a Studio Artist to access all of the classes for $27/month. You can learn more about our two membership tiers here.

1. Drawing Foundations ($99) 

Click the photo to watch the trailer and join!

Description: Learning drawing fundamentals is critical for anyone who wants to bring their drawing skills to the next level! In this class, we cover: 

  1. Lines & Shapes
  2. Value & Form
  3. Color & Light 
  4. Portraits
  5. Composition 

The class is anchored by a hero illustration that is fun to draw. Mimi will guide you through the five main topics of drawing foundations using this illustration for understanding each element and also how it all comes together. Within each section, there will also be warmup exercises to reinforce the lessons. 

This class is not meant to be just a step-by-step of how to draw realistically, even though that will be one of the results of completing the class. Rather, the purpose of this class is to understand how the artist's toolkit works. 

Mimi designed this class to be instructive yet enjoyable. Using an 80/20 approach, she has distilled everything she has learned from countless hours of classes and practice to focus on the 20% of the knowledge that has made 80% of the difference in her creative growth. Don't worry, 20% is still a LOT of learning! 

The class includes: 

  • On-Demand Video Tutorials
  • Drawing Workbook PDF
  • Mimi's Tools & Resources List
  • Community Support

2. Intro Set: Nurture Your Drawing Practice ($87 $49) 

Click the photo to watch the trailer and join!

This bundle of three classes is all about establishing a sketchbook journal habit that works for you and your schedule. Keeping a sketchbook or journal is one of the best ways to support your wellbeing and tap into your creativity. 

If you've been wanting to keep a sketchbook practice but have had a hard time keeping it up, or want to figure out how to make your existing practice even more beneficial, this class is perfect for you.

First, in Design Your Daily Pages, you’ll learn to design your own daily pages to maximize your chances of keeping a sketchbook or journal. 

After learning about Daily Pages, check out how to do Illustrated Journaling and Mindful Drawing, which are two popular ways to fill your daily pages. 

Note: This class set also comes with Studio Membership starting at $12/month! 

3. Start Your Creative Journey: Mindful Growth ($99) 

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Do you wish you could lead a more creative and fulfilling life, but don't know where to start or are scared to take the first steps? Are you already on the creative journey but feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed?

This class addresses these questions and introduces an approach Mimi has coined Mindful Growth. Mindful Growth is the practice of pursuing our life's meaning, connecting with our creative spark, and realizing our true potential in a more mindful way. We are not about that burnout culture life.

Your life is your story, and you are in more control of the narrative than you think. Let's start to think about how we'd like our story to go. 

In this class, we'll cover: 

  • How to find and process your inspirations
  • How to clarify your "Why"
  • How mindfulness and the creative pursuit go hand in hand
  • How to create a learning plan for your journey
  • How to address time and money challenges
  • How to deal with common fears 
  • How to find your alignment with your purpose

4. Make Your Creative Space ($29)

Click the photo to watch the trailer and join!

So many of us wish we could be more creative, or more easily tap into our creative flow. Maybe you feel creatively blocked, easily distracted, or unmotivated. If you relate, there's good news: You can improve your creativity right now by making your own designated creative space! 

In this class, Mimi explains why having a creative space helps your creativity, and provide clear and inspiring guidance for how to set up your own creative space. Mimi shares actionable steps toward building your unique creative space, interesting science supporting these tips, plus personal insights gleaned from her own experience. It's like KonMari for creativity!

5. Learn Digital Painting ($29)

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In this class, Mimi shares her perspective on what makes digital painting so great as well as showing you her full setup, process, and a beginner-friendly version of her workflow using both Procreate and Photoshop.

Mimi answers lots of common questions beginners have, because she had those questions too! We'll cover: 

  1. Insight on how and why it is worth the jump from traditional to digital painting
  2. Mimi's recommended digital painting tools to get with a limited budget
  3. How Mimi developed her own personal workflow and how you can develop yours
  4. An understanding of the pros and cons between Procreate and Photoshop
  5. Examples and demonstrations

Together we’ll make a digital painting and develop a workflow that you can integrate into your own. Note that this class is using an older version of Procreate, but the teachings still apply!

6. Build Your Website & Passion Projects ($49) 

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This is a two-class bundle to help you turn your skills into shareable projects!

In Make Your Passion Project, you'll learn how to dream, plan, execute and share an exciting project!  Mimi has found that passion projects are one of the best ways to find your interests, learn new skills, and unlock opportunities that fit your goals. As a bonus, Mimi shares her custom Notion template for project planning that you can adapt for your own project.

In Build Your Website, you'll learn how to build your own beautiful website without any coding, taking you through the process Mimi used to build and a shorter bonus walkthrough of Adobe Portfolio. By the end, you'll have your own website to share a passion project or your portfolio! Note that these demo earlier versions of Mimi's websites, but the design principles and platform functionality still apply.

7. A Year of Magical Drawing ($144 $79)

A Year of Magical Drawing is a unique experience that combines art, storytelling, and self-discovery. Each month follows a sequence of themes to encourage reflection and growth through story-driven illustration prompts. 

Every month explores a new theme through: 

Drawing: A new illustration with step-by-step guidance on how to draw the elements and bring it all together. Learn new tips and techniques every month to strengthen your drawing skills.

Storytelling: Each drawing element is also a storytelling symbol. The drawing practice is thus a journey of self-discovery, exploring themes such as uncovering your creativity and learning to care for yourself.

Journaling: To take your self-discovery further, there are optional journaling prompts and you can reimagine the drawings with your own symbols and composition. 

You can read more about this special project here

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