Learn to draw beautifully

Building a strong foundation doesn't have to be boring. Our flagship class teaches fundamental drawing skills in a fun and inspiring way ✨

Build a strong foundation

We all want to skip the boring basic drills and dive straight into drawing what interests us, I get it! I was the same way. But at some point, if you want to grow, you'll realize you need to learn the foundations.

I spent years figuring out how to put all the pieces together to find my own style. I'll share all my learnings with you, in the way I wish it was taught to me.

Have fun with engaging exercises

I synthesize what I've learned from countless hours of classes and practice to focus on the 20% of the knowledge that has made 80% of the difference in my creative growth (hint: know your values!).

Enjoy your practice with inspiring exercises that are interesting and aesthetic. You'll see improvement quickly and be motivated to keep learning.

Learn to find your own style

Rather than only learning how to draw realistically or in a certain style, this class helps you understand how the artist's toolkit works, so you can learn to express your own vision.

This is dramatically different than learning another artist's step-by-step, or learning each tool in isolation from seeing how it ties into the bigger picture.

"This class is so comprehensive and worth its weight in gold! I am so impressed that Mimi was able to combine several semesters of traditional art school into a 4-hour class."


Class Trailer

  • Module One


    How to see like an artist and construct your drawings

  • Module Two


    Finally get a grip on value and learn how to communicate form

  • Module Three


    Learn to see, understand, and use color in an intuitive way

  • Module Four


    A simplified approach to constructing the face and hands

  • Module Five


    An overview of perspective styles and how to bring it all together

  • Module Six


    How to enjoy your practice and stay motivated while quieting your inner critic

Class Handbook

This class includes a 30+ page workbook with handy summaries of the key concepts and exercises from each lesson for your forever reference.

Free Preview

"I found it great because rather than copying a piece step by step, you gain the skills to explore drawing on your own. This is as good as any college course I have taken. . . I loved that the course went beyond just the very basics and introduce drawing portraits - my biggest fear! And now I have a starting point. I look forward to finishing more practice and projects when I have more tools to work analog and not just digital!"


"I have some experience in drawing, but still I learned many new things, and lots of new techniques, not to mention the importance of taking my time with those initial sketches, or how to create successful color palettes, or the process of conceptualizing an illustration idea. Mimi really takes her time to walk the student through all the knowledge necessary in a fun and engaging way."



How can I watch this class?

There are three ways to watch this class:

The videos are the same but you can ask questions and get direct feedback by purchasing from Mimochai!

How long will it take to complete the class?

The class has 4+ hours of on-demand video instruction, plus exercises to do on your own for each lesson. The length of time it takes to complete all the lessons and exercises will vary depending on your pace, but I suggest giving yourself a week or longer to absorb and practice the material. Lots of experienced artists regularly revisit and practice the fundamentals, so this class will get you started on a lifelong journey.

Is this course a live event?

No, this is a pre-recorded set of videos that you can watch on-demand at any time.

What materials do you use in the class?

You can use any traditional or digital tools in this class, but I suggest at least beginning with some inexpensive traditional materials like charcoal and paper. For my demos, I use charcoal, colored pencils, gouache, and Procreate on iPad. The full materials list is available to preview for free as part of the Mimo Mail welcome kit.

Does this course have subtitles?

No, but we are working on offering subtitles in the future. The audio is in English.

How long will I have access to the course?

If you purchase it individually from Mimochai, you will have access forever. If you access it as part of the Studio Artist membership in Mimochai Studio or a Skillshare membership, you will have access while your subscription is active.

Is there a refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with the course, please email us within 14 days of purchase to request a refund.

Questions? Ask us anything 💛