Collection: Grain Rain

Gǔyǔ (谷雨), which translates to 'Grain Rain,' is the 6th solar term and arrives on April 20th. It is the last Solar Term of Spring and marks a pivotal moment in the cycle of seasons. Unlike the earlier 雨水 Rain Water Solar Term, Grain Rain specifically celebrates the vital showers that ensure the flourishing of crops. 

This period of rain nourishes the growth we kindled in the early days of spring, signaling a period ripe with potential and the promise of abundance. It reminds us that the care of our seeds is a continuous act of giving over the course of time. Here, a heron symbolizes patience, determination, and intuitive wisdom.

As the final chapter of spring, before we enter the early days of Summer, Gǔyǔ invites us to observe the transition within nature and ourselves.

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