Collection: Pure Brightness

Qīngmíng (清明), the 4th Solar Term, is a time for reverence and renewal. Translated as Pure Brightness, it occurs this year on April 4th, marking the time when the skies become especially bright after a season of rain. It is also celebrated in Chinese culture as Tomb-Sweeping Day, when families come together to honor their ancestors, tidying gravesites and commemorating the lives that have paved their paths. This act of cleansing to honor the past reflects Qīngmíng's deeper meaning of purification and renewal. 

The period of Qīngmíng inspire us to clear our own spaces—both physical and emotional—to make room for new growth and possibilities. It's a reminder that, just as we care for the people and places that connect us to our past, we must also nurture the world inside and around us, welcoming the brightness that the future holds.

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