Alphabet Adventure


The alphabet is a magical thing. In just 26 letters, you can unlock the world of books, in which lie the keys to our whole universe. This Alphabet Adventure is just the beginning of a lifetime of stories, wisdom, and wonder ✨

About the Project

Alphabet Adventure was written and illustrated in 2021 and is Mimi's second picture book. It follows Emme and Hamstarcat through an alliterative journey through our lovely letters.

The book is designed to offer a more modern and imaginative alternative to the typical "A is for Apple" sort of books. We're happy that it has become one of our customer favorites. ✨

A selection of letters from the book


Awaken to another adventure

Add a tagline


Befriend the best of books

"I couldn't have imagined," the girl said, "that this entire universe could be made up of just twenty-six letters!"


Enjoy this ephemeral earth


Rest in the river of reverie


Uncover an unknown universe


Zoom out for the zephyr of Zen

"All the best secrets are kept in books," the universe whispered.


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