A Look Inside Our Picture Books

A Look Inside Our Picture Books

A special picture book can make a huge impact in our lives.  To help you choose the best books to share with your little ones, we made these videos of our books Alphabet Adventure and Let's Go Explore.   It's the next best thing to flipping through the pages in a bookstore. 💛

Watch the videos to see the cute illustrated details on each page, and see what others are saying about the books below. 

Let's Go Explore

Reviews for Let's Go Explore: 

“The story and illustrations are lovely. I collect children’s books from my childhood, specifically ones with illustrations that resonated with me. I thought Mimi’s were so magical and whimsical that I had to keep some physical form of it to share with my future children!”

- Monica M.

“Beautiful! We love looking for the hidden little characters. My daughter remembers where they are on each page. One of our favorite books to read. Along with the content, the production quality is excellent.”

- Adam R.

Alphabet Adventure

Reviews for Alphabet Adventure

 “I adore this alphabet book. I’m a kindergarten teacher, so I’ve read my fair share, and this book really stands out. The [pictures] are enchanting and all the words chosen made the book so special and one I had to add to my collection.”

- Kara T.

“I liked how the words were new and exciting. There were some words that I even had to look up! I gifted this book and I think it would provoke curiosity. I've seen one too many ‘a is for apple’ alphabet books.”

- Linda P. 

Alphabet Adventure Let's Go Explore are available on our website. Thanks for watching, and please reach out to us if you have any questions!  Happy reading, 

- M 



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