Esembly x Mimochai Collab Launch

Esembly x Mimochai Collab Launch

I’m so happy to announce the launch of our collab with the wonderful Esembly! I admire independent companies that have taken the initiative to help our world’s problems in a beautiful, thoughtful way, and that’s exactly what Esembly has done. They’ve made a sustainable practice easy, practical, and so cute.

The set just launched and you can now purchase these on their site for a limited time (if you are reading this in 2023 or later it's probably changed to a new collection).

Read on for more details.

I wanted to make calming designs that inspired a sense of wonder & exploration for parents and baby alike. There are two original patterns inspired by gardens & animals (really loved getting to do a zen garden with cranes), and one pattern from our Magical World series. I love how they turned out! 

This is actually the first official collab for Mimochai! It’s an honor to be their latest limited edition artist series. I mean, their last one was with Oliver Jeffers, one of my favorite artists. They really care about respecting artists' work and value.

Esembly puts so much care into their high-quality yet accessible items. There are so many cool, earth-loving aspects to their system, you can learn all about how their simple works on their site.

We connected over our shared values of mindfulness, sustainability, and creativity. The Esembly team asked me some great questions, and you can read the full interview on their blog here. Here's an excerpt I'd like to highlight here:

Esembly: What advice would you give to parents who’d like to inspire their children’s curiosity and exploration?

Mimi: Kids are so naturally magical and imaginative. Oftentimes as adults, we’ve become so removed from that, we start to think it’s not normal. We might want to stamp out behavior that is not adult-like. I remember a mommy friend being worried about her young daughter having an imaginary friend. Let kids be kids. Let them have imaginary friends. Let them read all the fun books. Let them make a mess and tinker and try and fail. When they have a crazy question or say something wild, be curious. Ask them about it instead of shutting it down right away. Suspend disbelief for a little while. Support their creative intuitions, and maybe join in with them! As they get older, introduce them to artists and creators and inventors and explorers who have gone on to do meaningful things while leading fulfilling lives. They will come to realize how their curiosity and exploration can help everyone.

My three new designs are part of their limited edition artist series, so they will be available only during this Fall/Winter 2022 holiday season. If you are reading this post later on, don't ask if I still have any, because I only stocked up enough for myself :) 

This was a wonderful experience for everyone involved. Big thank you to Liz (owner & co-founder) and her team for everything!

Also, all the lovely photos in this post were taken by Esembly 💛

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Esembly x Mimochai artist collaboration

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