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We're officially over half a year into A Year of Magical Drawing, with seven drawing workbooks and counting. Check out our monthly themes combining creativity and self-discovery ✨

We have also started working on our next major class: an introduction to drawing foundations, Mimochai-style! Sign up now to receive first access.

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Sign up for access to replays of our Happy Hours and guided drawing livestreams. Our latest sessions dive into values, aka the study of lights and darks.

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What Members Are Saying

"I just want to say, already in the short time since I have been a member of Cloud House, I am so happy to have joined! It is so nice to have a positive community. With COVID 19, I have limited exposure to people outside of my house (I am on immunosuppressants) and it feels so good to have a community of people who enjoy similar things. My main gratitude of today is this group!"

- Colleen D.

"I'm an amateur digital artist... With my newly acquired iPad and this warm inspiring community, it feels like anything is possible." 

- Manav K.

"I'm now beginning to pursue my dreams of building an illustration business~ Looking forward to connect with other creatives!"

- C.J.

"I really fell headlong into the concept of the livestreams as a lovely way to de-stress and focus on something else after work. Even though I'm a total beginner to drawing, I found myself going back to the template every other week to draw out things that happened that week."

- Joann L.