Let's Go Explore


A lushly illustrated story that follows two little explorers through the adventure of life

About the Project

Let's Go Explore was written and illustrated in 2018 and is Mimi's first picture book.

The book is a reflection of Mimi's own journey, and in many ways marks the official start of Mimochai. Our Kickstarter for Let's Go Explore raised over $30,000 in 2018 (over 400% of its original goal) and is now carried in bookstores around the world. ✨

A selection of pages from the book

Under a rock

Up in a Tree

Wake up to see
we're stranded in gold.

Learn to be lost
to find our way home.

Some bigger thing

Roam with the Giants

Back at the start
see with new eyes
know what it means
for the first time.


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