A Magical Community

We love our magical community! From livestreams to behind-the-scenes, we are actively building ways to connect through Patreon and our own platforms. Here are a few reasons why you might want to join us ✨

Join Us

1. Become Part of Our Studio

We treat our Patrons like part of our studio, sharing early looks at what we're working on and what's inspiring us. We also regularly have polls so you can contribute to our creative decisions!

Our Patrons names are listed in our books and video credits as part of our Honor Roll.

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2. Early Access to Cloud House

We're building a new community platform to connect and create with others like you. Featuring prompts, tutorials and livestreams, it will be a safe space to encourage mindful creativity.

Patrons receive membership to Cloud House as an included perk, and get early access in November!

3. Special Member Pin

We designed an exclusive member pin that comes with a personalized card. Included with any Patreon tier Tree and up!

Our design features a door shape to give the feeling of being transported to another magical dimension. This is your token to the Mimochai world πŸ’›

4. Patreon Portal

Here you'll be able to access all the Studio Bulletins, Treats, and illustrations that have been archived.

PSβ€”The password is pinned to the top of the Patreon page, you'll see it once you join πŸ”βœ¨

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