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Skillshare Illog Templates!

Skillshare Illog Templates!

February 28, 2018 0 Comments

For those of you coming from my Skillshare course on Illogs, here are some templates to get you started. 

How to use:

  1. Download the template you want by clicking on the link and saving to your computer or iPad.
  2. It should save as a transparent PNG.
  3. Open or insert the file into your drawing program. Create a new layer and design your illog on top of it. 
  4. I've included some prompts in the template but feel free to change/add/edit, make it yours!
  5. You can also just look at it as a reference instead of downloading it.



Simple Template

For those just wanting something easy to get started, here's a basic layout with text and room for small doodles. I included some reminders to keep it simple :)

Download Simple Template (PNG)

Class Example Template

Here's the layout for the main class example I showed. I wanted to create a dynamic layout that felt like a poster collage.

I split the page into three main sections. There’s room for the date, a lettering bar, a few large sections for drawing, and space for two blocks of written text. You can always fill in empty space with little notes and doodles!

I’ve included some prompts in case they’re helpful, but totally feel free to put in whatever you like and make it yours.

Download Class Example Template (PNG)

Fun Template

Here's a design that is more playful and fun. I was inspired by pinboard and moodboard to create this one. I also structured the prompts around a concept I like, called "Rose Bud Thorn." You reflect on something making you happy (rose), something you're anticipating or looking forward to (bud), and something bothering you (thorn). I think it's a great reflective exercise.

Download Fun Template (PNG


If you use these template I'd love to see them! Share them in the Skillshare Class Projects or tag them #mimoillog and @mimizchao on social media :)

Happy illoging,


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