Sprite Mimomori Ornament Art Cards

A collectible "good luck charm" card featuring our sprite friends from our story Let's Go Explore. Each sprite has a special Guardian Trait which helps any adventurer on their journey. From new beginnings, nudges of courage, support to help pick yourself back up, to helping you keep a positive and open mind to opportunities headed your way. Keep one for yourself or gift it to someone who might need a little encouragement!

Each sprite has a special Guardian Trait— learn all about them here

  • Premium-quality print measures approx. 4"x6"
  • Lasercut wood piece measures approx. 2"-3" each
  • Designed to be a 2-in-1: part print, part sprite collectible. The charm can be cleanly removed from the print.

Inspired in part by Japanese omamori, may these Mimomori cards to be your good luck guardians on your journey :)

 Full details below.


    This is a special collectible card we designed just for LGE: Beyond the Pages.
    Each sprite is made from real wood that is personally cut in small batches.
    May your Guardian Sprite bring you good luck on your journey!

    Get the Set $58

    Pre-Order: Need ALL OF THE sprites? You can pre-order the full set at 50% off compared to buying individually! Just select "Full Set Pre-Order" under Type. 

    Free Sprite: During Beyond the Pages only, you will receive an extra copy of the Sprite of the Week during the week you buy.

    Shipping: Sets will ship starting in two weeks (April 3), so you'll get them early! Please note if you also order other items, all items will ship together. Send any shipping requests to shop@mimochai.com.

    Meet Your Sprite!

    Need a Nudge, Boost or Lift? Each Sprite is specially packaged with a protective sleeve, wooden clip and Sprite 101 card. 

    Read about the sprites on our Meet the LGE Characters page.

    Gift Tip: Choose the Sprite with the Guardian Trait that is best suited your gift recipient :) 

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