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Pretty and useful! Pretty useful. I love plants but am not great at taking care of them. I thought I was doomed when even my succulents would die, but I learned there are some even more resilient yet still beautiful plants out there :D Starting with snake plants, I was hooked. I  researched the best looking of the easiest-care plants and have been slowly collecting them all!

I know someone else must be in my shoes, so I wanted to share that info with you through a free poster downloadable :) 


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  1. ZZ Plant
  2. Cylindrical Snake Plant (Sanseveria)
  3. Prayer Plant
  4. Peperomia (specifically the small circle-shaped ones)
  5. Heatleaf Philodendron
  6. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
  7. Cast Iron Plant
  8. Monstera Deliciosa
  9. Large snake plant (I consider them to be different than the tiny ones!)
Hope that was helpful :) Cheers!

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