I like to help people bring their personal stories to life through custom illustrated books.  Here you'll find a gallery of examples along with an overview of process & pricing. You can submit requests through the contact form.

(If you are looking for single custom illustrations, please visit this page.)

Why Storybooks

While I love make believe, I also love hearing people tell their stories, and in turn tell each other how they feel. It's personal, it's real, it's important. At the end of the day, our relationships are the most valuable thing we get to experience in our time here.

Picture books are powerful because they take big concepts and convey it simply and beautifully through visuals and choice words. In a few pages they say so much. The good ones are unforgettable. I think they're the perfect way to eternalize and share your own stories.




How It Works

  1. Story. You want to tell a personal story. It could be your story, your parents' story, to give a newborn when they're older. This would be a great and unique gift for proposals, weddings, babies, anniversaries, etc.
  2. Words. I work with you on words first. What do you want to say? I can help you write if you'd like, I enjoy this part a lot too actually. 
  3. Big picture. Once the writing is in a good place, I'll storyboard the book for you so you can already see how the page turns will work and how the story will flow. We'll agree on the number of pages and the dimensions of the book at this point.
  4. Illustration design. I'll then show you a few colored pages to make sure you like how it's looking. It will be in a similar style to the examples shown. I do both the illustrations and the design, e.g. typography, book cover design, etc.
  5. Book. Finally, once I've finished coloring everything and we're happy with how it's looking, we make the book! I create the print files (so you don't have to worry about things like color profiles, bleed and trim) and handle the production through a service like I only recommend their hardcovers and premium Mohawk matte papers for this type of project. Finally, I do a final proof the physical book. This is all to ensure the end product is perfect. 

And then, you have your very own story book :)







    Below are examples of previous custom storybooks I've worked on. Besides a traditional book, I can also create hand-bound books in different formats such as an accordion book. This allows for flexibility where you have content for a fewer number of pages.

    Example Posts
    Click on a cover view posts with full spreads, back story, and process.

    Example Videos 
    Play a video to see a flip through of each book.


    Story for You (Traditional Book)


    For Chloe (Accordion Book) 



    Traditional storybooks currently start at $2000 for a square, 20-page book that is completely custom. Accordion books are around $1000-1800 depending on the number of panels. The number of pages is flexible depending on your story's needs. You may pay in installments. 

    This includes:

    1. One hardcover printed book (traditional storybook) or hand-bound book (accordion book). 
    2. All individual digital files in JPG and PDF format.
    3. Permission for any personal use. You may print as many copies of your book as you'd like for personal use. You are free to use the digital files for any personal use as well, e.g. wedding stationary, home decor, personalized products. There are a lot of possibilities and if you need ideas, just ask me!
    4. Happiness guarantee. Your happiness is my priority and I won't consider the book done until you do.

    If you're looking for something based on the example books, please get in touch for adjusted quotes.




    If you're ready to put in a request or would like more info, just send in a message through the contact form below :) Custom storybooks typically take 1-2 months from start to finish. Because my schedule fills up, it's best to put in the request 3-4 months in advance of when you need it. Thank you.

    * Please note these are for personal stories, not for authors seeking illustrators for their storybook. You can contact me with queries on the latter through