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A safe space for mindful creativity

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A Creative Sanctuary

Cloud House is our new community platform where we offer both mindful and practical support for your creative journey.

Cloud House is perfect for you if you are looking for a safe space to reconnect with your creativity in a mindful way.

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On-Demand Creative Classes

Our most popular classes are all included, along with exclusive posts filled with helpful resources.

Mindful Drawing Guides

Join our new live guided series, A Year of Magical Drawing, which brings together creative drawing and self-discovery.

Friendly Community

We've create a safe space for kind-hearted people like you to connect and create without judgment or pressure.

A Year of Magical Drawing

We are excited to share our first mindful drawing series ✨

A Year of Magical Drawing features unique drawing guides that combine creativity with self-reflection. Each month explores a new theme of growth and discovery.

Monthly Set

Cloud House members receive a monthly set of
- guided illustrations,
- downloadable workbook, and
- a complementary livestream with unlimited replays.

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On-Demand Guidance

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Start Your Creative Journey

Our popular Mindful Growth class uses Mimi's own story of lawyer-to-illustrator to show you how to find and follow your creative path.

Design Your Daily Pages

Learn how to establish a sketchbook journal practice that works for you. It's a key element of self-discovery and building your creative muscle.

Learn Digital Painting

This comprehensive yet super approachable beginner's class walks you through Mimi's full creative process from Procreate to Photoshop.

And more, all for $27/month

These are just the highlights of what awaits you in Cloud House. Join today with a free trial to experience it for yourself ✨ Find our FAQ here.

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