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Downloadable | Teahouse Welcome Kit

We made a Teahouse Welcome Kit for you! A six-page digital download that includes:

  • Teahouse Member Card
  • Pocket Guide DIY Zine (with instructions!)
  • Mimochai Map


  • Check out as normal, though you do not need to put in your real address nor will you need to put any payment info. After placing your order, you will be automatically emailed a link to access your digital download.
  • Read our Workshop blog postfor how to get the most out of your Kit.
  • The download is a zip file with two PDFs, one full-color and one black and white lines only. The latter is for those without color printers, but also useful as a coloring booklet!
  • Each file is sized to 8.5"x11" paper, though you can also "fit to scale" if you have larger or smaller paper.

Free from March-April, and thereafter with any newsletter signup!


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