New Tutorial: Illustrated Journey Maps!

New Tutorial: Illustrated Journey Maps!

June 29, 2018 0 Comments

New Tutorial is Here!

Create your own special milestone map :D I'll show you my full process from brainstorm to final design. It's perfect for any level, since even the simplest drawings will work. During the first week, you can also watch the class completely for free through this link

Watch Class on Skillshare

Check out the trailer below :) If you're new to Skillshare, scroll down to the end of this post to learn how to sign up for the class. 

What Is It?

This is a fun creative exercise that anyone can do. It's a sweet way to commemorate relationship anniversaries, baby's firsts, and a effective way to share processes or journeys. Also works as a great illoging entry ;)



What It Covers

I share my full process on how I go about creating one:

  • Starting with straightforward ideas such as graduation memories, relationship milestones and baby's firsts
  • Considering a process-based approach such as How the Best Coffee Is Made
  • Going through my specific process for The Plan, from sketch to final design

This is Part One of a two-part series! I'll be using this design to show you my digital painting process in my next class, coming in a few weeks. I wanted the example to be something you'd be excited to learn how to digital color—it's easier to learn that way :)

Bonus content

Just for fun, I created an additional sample map that follows the process of the class. A meta map! Hope it gives a little spark of inspiration :)

Click Here to Get the Free Download

(A high-res JPG will open in browser, right click/press&hold to save)

And here are links to some bonus content I mention in the class, for those looking for extra resources  :) I hope it’s helpful:

How to Sign Up for Free

I host my tutorials on Skillshare because I like their platform (more details in my post: Why Skillshare?). It is structured for learning in a friendly way. A lot of my favorite illustrators and designers have classes on their too. I think it's worth the subscription fee, but you can also try it for free for two months—plenty of time to watch the 25 minute class :)


Watch the Class

  1. Click the class link above.
  2. Sign up for free premium trial.
  3. Watch the class (if you watch at least a few minutes it will save into your "My Classes") or Save to watch later.
  4. Cancel your trial if you wish.
  5. During the first week, you can also watch the class completely for free through this linkYou don't need to sign up for a premium trial, but you still do need to have a basic free account so it can save into your class account, etc.

PS- Staff Pick!

I also have to share that our last class on Illustrated Journaling took off got a Staff Pick! It's a special curated selection by the Skillshare staff. And the student feedback is so rewarding:


Thanks for reading, and happy learning!


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