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Our Next Project

August 01, 2020 2 min read

We are happy to share that we have started work on our next big project, CAMP! CAMP stands for a Creativity and Mindfulness Practice. It will be a fun & fantastical story-driven approach to sharing these important traits with kids of all ages. 

Our first CAMP poster

Over the past year, I have really come to value the practice of mindfulness and meditation as part of a balanced life. I wish I had learned about some of these basic concepts at a much younger age. I also believe there's a way to share these lessons in a fun way to encourage the natural creativity and imagination in kids. (Read also: The Importance of Creativity)


One of our first official CAMP illustrations

When the pandemic and the BLM civil unrest was at its peak, I spent a lot of time reflecting on Mimochai and how to make sure our work is as helpful and meaningful as possible. I strongly believe that, in addition to more frequently-discussed factors, a lack of mindfulness education is at the core of a lot of our society's issues. 

I also happened to have an opportunity to put together a summer camp for my niece and nephew, who like most kids were stuck at home since March. Of course, I wanted to do something that would be both fun and helpful for them.

In this confluence of events, CAMP was born <3 


Initial exploration designs for CAMP

I realized I can combine my story & illustration skills with my spiritual practice to create the story I wish I had heard. CAMP will be a combination of:

  • an illustrated story,
  • an accompanying activity book,
  • video lessons guiding kids through, and
  • a CAMP kit filled with fun stickers and badges!

It will take a lot of cues from my favorite games and books to make it fun and something kids actually want to learn.


Very early version of a CAMP drawing for proof of concept

In July 2020, I finished a test run of CAMP with my 5-year-old niece and 8-year-old nephew. It was just a very rough draft (live Zoom calls and slide decks) for a minimal proof of concept. And I was able to confirm it works! They grasped the concepts so naturally. My brother and sister-in-law helped them set up a Quiet Corner (which they didn't have before), and report that they often meditate between class breaks now. That's so amazing and inspiring to me!

(Side note: I believe the fact that they had also just watched Avatar: The Last Airbender helped my cause a bit ;) I highly recommend watching this show, it's on Netflix now!)

My sister in law sent me this picture of my niece learning meditation with me <3

It's hard to believe that Let's Go Explore is already over two years old. I am hoping to finish CAMP by Summer 2021. I'm very excited to share this with the world once it's ready, and will be sharing the progress along the way!


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