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Care Packages 101

May 14, 2020 2 min read

Care Packages 101

Care Packages have a special place in our hearts. Here's why we think they're special, and how you can make one yourself. 

Our Care Packages

We offered Ao's Care Package a couple year's ago for Valentine's Day as a limited offering. Last month, in light of the global pandemic and stay-at-home orders in many parts of the world, we brought it back in hopes to spread some cheer. 

In addition to hand packing each box, we offer a free service to include a handwritten note to each recipient. We remember that joyful feeling of getting a box filled with little handwritten notes from our friends, and wanted to help people share this experience in an easy but meaningful way.

Ao's Care Package has quickly recaptured its spot as our shop's bestseller. We love seeing that most of the Care Package orders are sent out to others, not to the purchaser. It reflects on the generosity and sweetness of our audience!

Emme and Aresa prepare Care Packages in the Teahouse

So What Makes Them Special?

Care packages are special in that the gifts are not extravagant but they feel significant.

It can be filled with small, inexpensive items, but it's the thought and care that goes into each one that makes it just as much of a joy to give as to receive.

Win win!

Care Package DIY

For those people who'd like to make their own care packages to send to friends, we put together a fun little downloadable to use or at least spark some ideas!


We designed some special tags for our care packages, which we've also made into a free printable for you!

And last but not least, we're including a Take Care wallpaper so you can always have a sweet reminder wherever you go.

Download here

Have fun, and take care <3 -M



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