Mimochai Studio | More Class Reviews

Mimochai Studio | More Class Reviews

By Mimi Chao |

Below are some of the reviews my classes have received.  These classes were previously available only on Skillshare and now available in Mimochai Studio. You can try our studio with a free trial to see it if it's right for you 💛

For Start Your Creative Journey

"This course was very inspiring. All these questions that one should ask from oneself… for the life that gives joy and fullfilment. Actually, my daughter is at the age of choosing the studies for her future career and I will really encourage her to look this course, before choosing. So she would have no regrets :) But it is a great course to follow for anyone that questions about the life she/he really wants and with provided workbook it is easy to follow each step. Thank you! Thank you!"
Astrid B.

"This class was just what I needed to help me figure out what’s next. The journey the lessons took me through brought clarity to my next goal and how to get there. Thank you!"
- Rebecca H.

"Mimi is incredible - I LOVED that class. It was exactly what I needed at this time. Onwards and upwards!"
- Jane G. 

"I loved the thorough and well thought out metaphor. Just today, after completing the course, I met three different "helpful villagers" on my quest. I loved her supportive and kind soul and felt like she meant it for me specifically when she spoke. This was a great class."
- Carly T.

"Very engaging! I just lost my motivation and direction for the past weeks and I am so grateful I stumbled with this class. It's what I really need. If you feel lost or unmotivated with what you are doing right now, this is the best class for you! It will help you clear you intentions and goals. Thank you Mimi for this!"
- Genson C.

"Thank you for taking the time to put this class together Mimi, it helped me design the roadmap for the creative journey I want to embark on in life. For the first time in a long time, I'm excited about the future."
- Hendrix H.

"Thank you Mimi! Enjoyed this class that I could not sleep unless I finished it. Very creative, thoughtfully organized, simple yet powerful! Keep doing what you do and keep inspiring people!"
- Iris C.

"Loved this class! I went into it skeptical, but Mimi is so engaging and clear. I really appreciated her openness and honesty — it helped me connect with the lessons more because I could see a real-life example of what she was talking about. The lessons are really well organized. I appreciated the graphics and slides along the way. And I got a new perspective on a topic I already a bit about."
- Anna B.

"This has been very helpful for me as I'm also trying to transition from a corporate career to a creative career I would love to do. More than anything, the exercises helped me clear my mind on what matters to me at this point in my journey. It has also inspired and encouraged me to take small steps towards my goals even with my fears. I love how this class has a spiritual approach to art and crativity. Thank you for making this class and sharing your story, Mimi :)"
- Lauren M.

"wow! what a great class! i love Mimi! Her story resonated with me too because i was an aspiring violinist who was pressured by my father to go to medical school. i went to law school instead. i was a solo practitioner for 15 years. Although i liked lawyering at first, i soon realized i wanted my life to be more creative, less stressful, less narrow. i began taking random classes in master gardening, ceramics, jazz theory and watercolor. i retired several years ago but feel i am still floundering to figure out what sustains me. i want to be more than just a dabbler but my perfectionism and fear of failure are holding me back. Mimi’s class helped me to understand this. i can not wait to take more of her classes. she really is an inspired teacher and artist and just a very compassionate human being. Thank you Mimi!!"
- Lynn R.

"I am at the beginning of taking my creative work seriously and this class is helping me (as it will stay with me for some time) enormously! The class gives an opportunity to bring a lot of awarness into each and every aspect of creative journey and career. Mimi asks excellent questions and gives very helpful examples from her life. All the steps are well calibrated, logical, kind and help to make a feasible plan. It helped me to slow down my unrealistic expectations and cease some unsupported fears. I am implementing a slower and way more conscious approach. It already feels better! Thank you Mimi!Learn Digital Painting." 
- Justyna G.

“Mimi, I’m 62 years old and have done this kind of life planning work dozens of times, sometimes paying those huge sums of money you referenced in the course. Your course provided the very best experience. It is beautifully and thoughtfully organized, with incredibly useful prompts. Your manner is straightforward and reassuring. Thank you ... I’m glad you’ve found your true calling as illustrator and teacher. We all benefit.”
- Karen H.

For Illustrated Journaling & Mindful Drawing

"I was looking for a class that explained how to keep an illustrated journal or a sketchbook of my daily life. I think this is the BEST class for it. Mimi explains so well and the class is very fun and easy to follow. Thank you!"
- Mara H. 

"This course immediately inspired me. I've always found it hard to justify investing time in practicing art and design. With this weekly project, it's a way to capture beautiful memories, stretch creativity, and practice useful skills. I'm very excited to get started myself!"
- Alexandra S.

"I love the journaling along with the doodling and drawings. It'll make it so much more fun when looking back at older journals. I really have no previous experience with creative journaling so this is awesome for a beginner. Thank you, Mimi."
- Wendy R.

"I LOVED this class. It was short and straight to the point, as well as really focusing on the learners level of art, journaling etc. Mimi Chao makes sure that the students don't feel intimidated by starting something new, or feel like they can't draw. I felt so comfortable to start my own journal. Thank you :D"
- Cynthia L. 

"this class was very fun to take!!!"
- Josie K. 

"I loved just how you could show many examples of how to illustrate a day, week or month in a page. I never would've thought of doing this for me but it's definitely something I will incorporate in my daily routine so I can improve my skills on drawing, story-telling and simply for fun! Such a great class!"
- Roby A.

"I have been wanting to do this type of art for the longest time but i never felt like I could do it nicely. When I took this class, I realised that you just have to start and enjoy the process. I really liked the pacing of the lessons, the examples and tips discussed and overall the class was just inspiring and encouraging to me as a beginner. Thank you so much! :)"
- Joan B.

"Awesome! Was in the middle of some mental chaos when I found this class and it really helped me focus and feel in the moment. Will hopefully use this technique regularly."
- Ayaulym A. 


For Learn Digital Painting

"Thank you, Mimi! This was such a helpful class. It's surprisingly difficult to find practical instructions for beginners, so I really appreciate your guidance."
- Alice B.

"MiMi does a beautiful job of laying out her process and showing us her tips and tricks for successful digital painting, but she leaves room for you to interpret and create in your own style!"
- Jenny V.

"I loved the class! Mimi is an amazing teacher, who is super engaging and helpful! I did not expect to learn so many tips and tricks, which are so essential when you are just starting to learn how to draw digitally. Thank you very much, you are an amazing teacher, Mimi! Loved your class and definitely watching your other classes! P.S. the quality of the class material (i.e. presentation slides) is so clear, professional and cute looking! Thanks again!"
- Diana A.

"I've learn so much by watching this video compared to me searching all over YouTube. I can't wait to practice all her words and knowledge into action!"
- Jannet J.

"I found this class so so helpful!!! I am always curious about what tech people use and why. I'm new to digital art and it's hard to know where to begin, sometimes! Mimi was so pleasant and friendly and patiently explained all the little details in a way someone like me (who is not very tech savvy) could understand. I appreciate the time and attention to details given by the instructor!!"
- Ashley R.

"Really excellent class, very clear technical instruction and inspiring creative examples. This tutor focuses on ensuring the learner gets a good grounding to understand procreate and what it can do on a basic level and moving onto a more professional level. Above all else, she seems to really want the learner to benefit and not just to demo her own skillset, like some of the other classes found on SK. Brilliant thank you."
- Emily B.
"As someone just entering the illustration world, I kept toggling back and forth between learning Procreate and Photoshop. Mimi does an exceptional job on showing her workflow for each and how to leverage the best for each tool. This alone has saved me countless hours of trial & error, and YouTube searching. THANK YOU MIMI!"
- Nancy P.

"The class made it really clear how to get started drawing in Procreate for a beginner. I especially liked how she included downloadable files so we could practice along with her (so many other classes give just give you the theory, but I learn better when there's a project I can play along with the teacher to learn while doing). I would highly recommend this class to any other beginner artists/illustrators who want to figure out how to quickly get started in digital art."
- Chrissy C.