Mimochai Studio FAQ

Mimochai Studio FAQ

By Mimi Chao |

Update November 2022: With our studio experience out of beta, we're officially updating the name to Mimochai Studio! If you see any old references to Cloud House, it's the same thing :)


How does the membership work?

With your Mimochai Studio membership, you'll have immediate access to the benefits listed for the membership tier you sign up for. Our studio features a resource library, livestreams, and drawing prompts for all levels, and on-demand classes and replays for our Studio Artist membership level.

We offer both a monthly membership as well as an annual membership for the Studio Artist level. You get the equivalent of one month free by paying annually, and don't have to deal with a monthly charge. 

Everything is hosted on our own platform so it's very convenient, and there is even a mobile app to make it easy to access everything on the go.

What mediums do you use in the studio and classes?

Mimi likes to work both digitally and traditionally, so she demos with both digital painting on Procreate as well as colored pencils and acryla gouache paint.

That said, most of the classes and prompts are designed so you can use the medium of your choice. We have members that use ink, watercolor, and pens. Our focus is to encourage you to start with a strong foundation and then work into your own style and expression!

How often is there new material?

Every month, there is (1) a new guided drawing prompt, (2) a new resource article with helpful tips, (3) a new podcast-style livestream, and (4) a guided drawing livestream. There are new posts multiple times per week.

We also produce our high-quality on-demand classes at least twice a year. 

Overall we aim to achieve a good balance of fresh new content without overwhelming our members. Our members tend to have about 20-30 minutes a day to draw or work on their creative practice.

Does Mimi provide direct mentoring or advice?

While this is not a mentoring or coaching service, Mimi is a very active host in Mimochai Studio and frequently interacts and answers questions in the community. Unlike many other communities whose main host is a distant figurehead, she enjoys responding directly to members' posts and leaves engaged feedback. For direct mentoring or advice, Studio Artist members have opportunities for 1:1 sessions. 

What's the difference between Mimochai Studio and Mimochai's Patreon?

The main difference between the two is the purpose. Mimochai Studio is a learning community for people who are looking for creative classes, guidance, and an interactive community. It's a two-way sharing environment. 

Our Patreon is a way for people to support Mimochai's work and mission. A Patron's main goal is to support our work, not necessarily to learn from us. We thank our Patreon supporters with different perks, share our behind-the-scenes process as a company, and offer a monthly Print Club. We do not post this type of content on Mimochai Studio, unless it is relevant to a topic we are teaching.

What's the difference between Mimochai Studio and Skillshare?

Skillshare only hosts our classes, and does not include our exclusive Year of Magical Drawing series. Skillshare is great if you're looking for access to thousands of other classes, including ours. You can learn guitar, how to cook, how to knit, etc. We love Skillshare for that!

Mimochai Studio is better if you are looking for community and guidance specifically from Mimi and the Mimochai team. Here's a chart we created to compare :)

What does it actually look like in Mimochai Studio?

Watch our setup tour video for free on YouTube here

We've built Mimochai Studio on a community-first platform experience. In one place, we can host community discussions, online classes, live events, and more. You can log in easily from your desktop, or download the included mobile app for a seamless on-the-go experience.

The entire experience is clean and modern. We also have welcome guides and walk-throughs to show you how to get started and get the most out of the platform.

Can I use the 15% off coupon from Mimo Shop on the Mimochai Studio membership?

The 15% off coupon only works on our shop products. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when we have special offers on our studio membership! 

Why do I need a subscription instead of just paying one time?

Due to the nature of our Mimochai Studio platform and community, we decided it was best to offer all of our content on a subscription basis instead of a one-off payment. Each individual class would normally cost anywhere from $50-200 dollars, and not include any supportive features. 

We feel this is the best way for us to offer a useful learning experience, and hope you will feel the same once you try it for yourself.

That said, we understand a membership service is not for everyone. We will be offering purchases of a few individual classes started in December 2022.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes you may cancel your membership at anytime. You do not need to email me or be asked any questions, you can manage your account on your own terms and cancel on your own. 

The remainder of your membership time will run its course and you will not be charged again. Please note we are unable to refund any prorated amount by nature of the platform. 

You are welcomed to return and rejoin at anytime! We love having our members in the studio.

Can I change my membership anytime?

Yes we will provide guidance in the member FAQ on how to move between tiers.

Any other questions? Please feel free to email us at hi[at]mimochai.com and we will be happy to answer them. Thank you 💛