Inspiring Creativity

Inspiring Creativity

By Mimi C |

Inspiring Creativity

I think creativity is so important because it's what makes us human. Creativity is not limited to drawing and painting. It's just one of our earliest forms of its expression. It can then be nurtured and applied to so many expressions: cooking, coding, designing, teaching, singing, inventing. It's really about the inventiveness of humanity.

I love hearing from people that Mimochai brings them a sense of wonder and a return to imagination. That's exactly how I want it to feel. Through our work, I want let kids (and adults) know that their creativity is a true strength. I hope they never lose it. I love being around spunky little kids and playful old souls because their minds are so free. If we can grow a wise heart and keep that wondrous mind, that to me is true enlightenment.

Personal Experience

I was one of those kids whose creativity was not encouraged. I was one of those adults that went down a totally different path. But thankfully creativity was such a deep part of me that I found my way back to it.

I have listened to so many stories from adults about how their creativity wasn't encouraged or valued when they were young. Some of these adults still persevered and became creatives, but many of them are in a totally different field now. 

I find it bittersweet that, at work these days, people are amazed by designers' creativity when actually we were all born with this innate trait. Most of us just get it stamped out of us by the time we reach adulthood. (Read also: The Guardian, "Everyone is born creative, but it is educated out of us at school.")

Society, culture, and parents discourage creativity because they don't see the value in it. But in fact, creativity is one of the most valuable traits we have. Creativity is what keeps our minds open. It's what makes us feel alive. It's what has moved our civilization forward. Why would we want to discourage that in kids?

A Global Shift

As more people realize the how important creativity is for our planet and for our spirit, I am confident that it will become more and more encouraged in kids. I can already tell the world is waking up to this truth.

For our part, we continue to be passionate about championing creativity in all ages. 


Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once they grow up.” - Pablo Picasso