Spring Bulletin

Spring Bulletin

By Mimi C

Spring Bulletin

We're so happy to share our new site with you ūüíõ After such a long year, we're definitely ready for a fresh start. Here's a quick tour around all that's new:

1. New Book!

Our second book is finally here! I can't believe it's been three years since Let's Go Explore came out. This book features an updated illustration style and a different approach to your standard alphabet book. As always, it's meant for adults as much as it is for kids. 

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2. New Art Prints

I'm really pleased with how the latest collection of art prints turned out! I'm using a new textured paper and the illustrations really pop. We're starting with ten select illustrations from our Alphabet Adventure series. I'm considering bringing back a few Let's Go Explore illustrations in the same format...

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3. New Packaging

As part of our whole update, we spent a significant amount of time researching and rethinking our packaging. In addition to updating the design, we wanted to make sure it was as eco-friendly as possible.

Our shipping packaging is now 100% recycled and recyclable. Some choices can be easily overlooked, such as moving from clear tape (not recyclable) to water-activated paper tape (recyclable), or vinyl sticker closures (not recyclable) to compostable stickers (recyclable).¬†We even considered things like the backings of our shipping labels‚ÄĒusually not recyclable, but we found one that is :)

While the result is simple, we are really proud of this small but important improvement. You can learn more in our new Sustainability Business post.

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4. New Site & Community Page

Obviously we have a brand new site with a new aesthetic to match our illustration style. I really love it. In addition to all the new products, we're especially excited to have a new Community page for our Patrons!

This is something we've been wanting to put together for a while‚ÄĒaccess to an archive of our posts, vlogs, and Treats. I archive these things when our style changes, but I get messages from supporters asking if I still have them. Of course I do! I don't want them to be public but I'm happy to share them with our Mimo Friends.

Learn more our on Community page, and join our Patreon if you're interested ūüíõ

Community Page

5. Coming Soon

We have new items and content rolling out over the next few months:

  • May: Inaugural Studio Bulletin vlog & greeting cards!
  • June: Alphabet Adventure book¬†arriving :D
  • July: Gift sets ‚ú®

Hope you enjoy all that's new, and stay tuned for updates!