Our Favorite Art Print Frames

Our Favorite Art Print Frames

By Mimi Chao |

We love decorating, and we get a lot of questions about what picture frames complement our illustrated art prints. Here’s a list of attractive and affordable frames for your Mimochai prints!

In general, we take the following approach:

Frame size: All our prints are 12x16in/31x41 cm (vertical orientation) or 16x12in/41x31cm (horizontal orientation). This is a popular frame size, so you should be able to find one you like that fits. 

No mat: All our prints have a white border and don’t need to be displayed with a mat. All you really need is the frame and the print! Be careful to note whether the frame you are purchasing is listing its frame dimensions or its mat opening dimensions.

No glass: While you are welcome to display our prints behind glass, we think they look great without it. All our prints are made with long-lasting inks on archival paper, so you don’t need to worry about fading.

Velcro hanging: We love to use velcro Command Strips to hang these frames without damaging the walls. It's great for renters or if you like to switch up the decor often. 

Here are some ideas, with links to get your own. All are linked to Amazon:

1. Magnetic Wood Hanger

Let’s start with our favorite—this wooden print hanger is so lightweight and easy to use! It’s the only one we carry in our shop! This hanger uses magnets to clip the print at the top and bottom, and it’s is our go-to frame when we want to change the art quickly and easily. The medium-toned wood tone really makes the colors pop in Infinite Imagination (pictured), but it’s so minimal, it really goes with any artwork.

Check out our print hanger demo reel on IG!

2. White Frame

A white wood frame with a simple illustration looks bright, fresh, and inviting (we styled it with Befriend Books!)

This particular frame comes with flexible plexiglass instead of glass, which we removed and put behind the artwork when we framed it, to avoid scratches and glare. It’s made of painted wood,  so you need to be careful not to scratch the paint, but if you’re not moving it around too much (like we did) you should be fine!

3. Warm Wood Frame

A warm, cheerful wood frame (think maple, birch) can complement warmer images like Wander in Wonder, pictured.  This frame is from the same manufacturer as the white wood frame, above, and we took the same approach to tucking the glazing behind the image. Besides our magnetic hanger, our studio uses a mix of warm wood and black frames.

4. Cool/Neutral Wood Frame

A wood frame in a cool or neutral shade (think oak, ash, pine) makes a subtle statement with the cool tones in our River of Reverie art print.

The frame above is MDF (medium-density fiberboard) but it feels high quality and comes with real glass, which scratches less easily than flexible plexiglass. Opening the back of the frame to insert the art print is a little harder because there are more points (metal tabs) to bend open. But for fellow neutral-lovers, it’s probably worth it!

5. Thin Metal Frame

A thin metal frame creates a contemporary, sleek, designer look. A thin gold or silver frame can also create a subtly glam effect. A thin frame in a color that contrasts with the wall (like black) makes your print pop without overwhelming the artwork.

The frame pictured above is from Target and no longer available, but if you have access to a Target (US), check out their Project 62 line for good options!

Here’s very similar one on Amazon that we like. It has real glass and really convenient angled “spring clips” that secure the backing in the corners. It's available in black, gold, and silver.


We kept this list simple and short so it’s not overwhelming, and also focused on Amazon frames so that it is accessible to most people. You can of course find more expensive frames at your local frame or home furnishing stores, or even custom frame your prints!

We’d love to see how you end up decorating with yours. Tag us @mimochai on Instagram if you share!