A Mindfulness & Creativity Community

A Mindfulness & Creativity Community

By Mimi Chao |

We opened our creative community Cloud House on Mimochai this month, and I want to take some time to share why I made this space.

I love our Mimochai audience—they are always kind, thoughtful, and inspired. I also really enjoy teaching on Skillshare (five years, 85,000 students, & counting)—the student feedback has been so touching.

I wanted to figure out how to bring my classes and Mimochai work under one roof. While I could have offered our classes and livestreams as standalone offerings, I prioritized building a space where our community can connect & grow their creativity in judgment-free and stress-free way. Sharing creativity with a mindfulness approach has become the string that ties everything together for me. I’m really looking forward to growing that aspect in Cloud House.

Cloud House

Cloud House is for anyone who is:

  • Wishing to practice creativity with a mindfulness and/or self-care approach
  • Looking for a safe space to grow creative skills with guidance
  • Seeking community with others who are also finding their way on the creative path

If that sounds like you, I welcome you to learn more about Cloud House at the link in bio. I put a bit about the types of people joining and what members are saying in the slides, to give some perspective.

I know that the creative journey is a rewarding but sometimes lonely experience. When I was transitioning from law to illustration, I had very few people in my life who understood what I was going through. Those few who did made (and still make) such a huge difference for me. I hope anyone looking for something like that has a place to turn to, whether it’s Cloud House or somewhere else. This journey is so much better with a friend who understands.

Click here to learn more about our new community

A Look Ahead

This year, I'll be sharing my project A Magical Journey on Cloud House and via artwork on Mimochai.com and Instagram. Our products and website will evolve to support our creative community, while still maintaining a kid-friendly appeal. It will be a work in progress, and I'm looking forward to seeing how we grow this year.

I hope you enjoy what we've built 💛