A Mindfulness & Creativity Community

A Mindfulness & Creativity Community

By Mimi Chao |


With the official launch of Cloud House this week, I'd like to take some time to share how we got here and what we're looking forward to in 2022.

Cloud House finally brings together my work for Mimochai with my work as a teacher, with a unifying goal of bringing together mindfulness and creativity. It also adds a brand new community aspect that I’m really excited about.

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Teaching Path

I’ve been a Top Teacher on Skillshare for almost five years now, with my classes reaching over 85,000 students from all over the world. I have really loved the experience..

I've also been separately training as a mindfulness meditation teacher for the past year, and want to integrate that into my work as a creative.

Creative Path

Mimochai is where my heart and passion will always be; creating magical worlds through art and stories. It's the home of everything else for me. That's why I decided last year to really focus on how to unify all of my efforts.

I'm excited to start my 2022 project, A Year of Magical Drawing. It will live on both Instagram and Cloud House, and it will bring together art, storytelling, mindfulness, self-discovery, and growth. 

Magical Community

The last piece of the puzzle is that I really love the Mimochai community that has naturally sprouted through our social media and Patreon. Everyone is so sweet and kind and inspired. 

I myself have been seeking a unique creative community where I can feel safe and supported. Something not in the glare and noise of social media (where I will continue to post, but it's a different vibe).

When I put out a feeler last year to see if people were seeking the same thing, the positive response was 100%. 

So that's why I prioritized the community aspect of Cloud House. While we could have just shared the classes and livestream on its own, I was determined to find a way we could also support sharing and connecting in a judgment-free and stress-free way.

Cloud House

All these paths led to Cloud House, and I'm so happy to finally have it life and open for anyone to join!

Click here to learn more about our new community!

I hope you enjoy what we've built 💛