Studio Tour | A Day in the Life ✨

Studio Tour | A Day in the Life ✨

By Mimochai Studio |

Step into our studio 

Let's draw a picture: Birds chirping, leaves fluttering in a gentle breeze, soft lo-fi beats floating through the air. Welcome to the Mimochai studio!    

Room for Creativity

We start the day by gathering around a big table to catch up and brainstorm. The walls and bookshelves are decorated with the work of artists and writers that inspire us (and some fun pieces from the Mimochai archives, of course!)  

Illustration studio meeting women

We have so many pens and markers for scribbles and ideas! 

Product Development

As Mimi makes new illustrations for picture books, prints, or products, Brittney helps them materialize through product research and testing!

Working Illustration Studio Modern

 Developing our Magical World collection

Patreon Input

We also share our experiments with Mimochai’s Patreon supporters and rely on them as a test audience to let us know their preferences. They’re a huge part of our studio.

Our Patrons saw the drafts for what became the Magical World mug! 

Building Cloud House

Cloud House is our mindful community for magical creativity! It's Patreon-only right now, but is launching for the everyone in January 2022. In less than a month (!!) Mimi will be facilitating a year-long Mindful Growth journey, with monthly prompts, tutorials, and discussions. We have spent a lot of time honing in on what we ourselves would want to experience: a combination of self-discovery, skill building, and creative self care!  Patrons and Mimo Mail subscribers will be invited to join :) 

Floating shelves artist office studio

Our floating shelves full of inspiration for Cloud House! 


Now that we are making more tutorials and livestreams for Cloud House, we’ve been upgrading our audiovisual equipment and production process. Thankfully, the light in the studio is perfect for filming! 

Crescent has finally mastered the art of staying in focus... ;)

Packed With Care

From selecting sustainable packaging to personalizing handwritten notes, we dedicate a few days each week to fulfillment for orders placed from around the world!  We've been getting so many orders lately, we had to get a Mimo wagon to transport them. 

Winston (our unofficial mascot) is taking these orders to the post office! 


We hope you enjoyed this little snapshot of life at Mimochai! If you'd like to join our studio, you are welcome to become a Patron or sign up for Mimo Mail :)