New Tutorial: Make Your Own Illustrated Journal

New Tutorial: Make Your Own Illustrated Journal

February 28, 2018 0 Comments

New Tutorial is Here!

I’m happy to share my latest Skillshare class! This one is all about Illustrated journaling, or Illoging as I like to call it. It's one of my favorite exercises, and a good way to close out our February Favorites month :) 


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What It Covers

I share my full process on how I go about creating one:

  • starting with my favorite digital and analog drawing tools
  • showing an example week in my life
  • explaining how I think through a layout
  • finishing up and showing a lot more examples!

I also share my encouragement for people who think they can't do this because they can't draw :)

Why Illoging?

As a visual person who likes to keep a journal, wants to keep up a drawing practice, and is short on time, I find illoging to be an ideal creative exercise. I get to practice different drawing skills while simultaneously getting all the benefits of journaling (chronicling, self-reflection). I incorporate portrait and figure studies, graphic layout design, lettering practice, and even infographic design. I love to challenge myself to make a different one each time. Having the week’s events as a framework helps to not get stuck on what to draw- the content has all already happened!

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How to Sign Up for Free

I host my tutorials on Skillshare because I like their platform (more details in my post: Why Skillshare?). It is structured for learning in a friendly way. A lot of my favorite illustrators and designers have classes on their too. I think it's worth the subscription fee, but you can also try it for free for two months—plenty of time to watch the 35 minute class :)

  1. Click the class link above.
  2. Sign up for free premium trial.
  3. Watch the class (if you watch at least a few minutes it will save into your "My Classes") or Save to watch later.
  4. Cancel your trial if you wish.
  5. During the first week, you can also watch the class completely for free through this link! You don't need to sign up for a premium trial, but you still do need to have a basic free account so it can save into your class account, etc.

The class example illog! Covering a real week in my life.

Why I made this 

I've heard from many people they would like to make their own but can’t draw. But I don’t want you to feel that way, I feel strongly that anyone can illog if they want to! So I’m happy to be able to finally share my process because I really want to show that it’s accessible to ANY level. It really is about having the right mindset and making it work for you. 

Bonus content

Here are links to some bonus content I mention in the class, for those looking for extra resources  :) I hope it’s helpful.

Feel free to check out all my Skillshare classes, and happy learning!


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