'Seasons' Process: A Digital Zine

'Seasons' Process: A Digital Zine

December 21, 2016 0 Comments

The Seasons Process Zine is now available for download here!

What is it?

The Seasons Process digital zine shares some of my thoughts and processes in a zine-inspired format. I have enjoyed writing blog posts about some of my earlier projects, such as this post about my first custom book. However, they are quite long and with a blog post i can't really present the information as I ideally want.

Separately, I've been more and more interested in the zine (short for magazine, so pronounced "zeen") subculture. I thought the Seasons set would be a good time to combine these two things I enjoy. I know this content isn't really your typical zine material, but the 'mini self-publishing of niche content' ideals are there :)

What's in it?

The Seasons process zine includes general background on the inspiration, an overview of my planning process and setup, and various tips I found helpful along the way. Here are some of the spreads you'll find inside:

Brief introduction & Table of Contents

My motivations.

It was fun to go back through my materials to put this zine together. I made these sketches back in September—yes that's how long it took for everything to come together (in fits and starts)

Explaining my setup and why I like using Artboards to get a "big picture" of what I'm designing.

I used InDesign to create all of these layouts. I'm teaching myself how to use InDesign, so having a project like this is great for that. I personally learn better when I have a passion project to apply it to, rather than go through a tutorial that creates someone else's project.

I created a spread for each of the seasons that includes a tip I found helpful. This flipping tip is really clutch! I learned it from another digital painting tutorial and am just passing it along to you :) 


A Separate Quick Tip

Something I learned while exporting this file is that you can use Adobe Acrobat to specify how a PDF should open by default (this is not available with Adobe Reader, unfortunately). Go to File > Properties and set your preferences under "Initial View." Thus I was able to export my zine by page, but have the PDF open by default to two-page continuous scroll with a fit to page magnification. This detail helps the end user experience!

Adobe Acrobat Initial View Settings



More to Come (If People Like It!) 

This is my first process zine :D I hope to make more content like this in the future, and would love to know if people find it interesting and/or if there's other types of content they'd like included. 



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