2018! What We’re Up To + Thoughts on Focus

2018! What We’re Up To + Thoughts on Focus

January 08, 2018 0 Comments

Happy new year!

We’re only a week into 2018 but I have so much to share. Besides Kickstarter production in overdrive, we’ve been busy planning out all the studio/company side of things. In other words, building the next stage of the dream! 

But I want to make sure I set aside the time to write more about what’s going on in the present this year. So here's what we're excited about, along with my thoughts on having direction and focus. ‘Life moves so fast. You gotta document the good times, man.’ - Big Boi ;)

Looking Back

In a sense 2017 felt like a blink of an eye, but when I look back on my journal entries, certain moments seem like a lifetime ago. So much changed in the last three months, in particular:

  1. Let’s Go Explore—it’s real. I have long dreamed of Mimochai being a story-driven world. And this past year I finished our first book with your help. 
  2. Kickstarter! Beyond raising almost 400% of our goal, each and every backer gave me something invaluable—clarity.
  3. More than me. I was finally clear that what I want to build will take more than just me. So I started building a company. 
  4. Beginnings of a studio...! I found an inspiring co-working space, found the perfect hire, and things grew quickly beyond that. 

Last year at this time I was in such a different place. The idea of being responsible for others scared me, and I was still finding my footing on my own. But I took a few steps in one direction, and the rest unfolded. And now, even after a long workday, I find myself in higher spirits than ever. It's the best feeling.


Some Things I Learned

The past year really reinforced some lessons for me:

  • the importance of knowing when to ask for help, 
  • the value of open honest communication, 
  • and, once again, not letting fear prevent you from doing what you truly want to do. 

Oftentimes it feels like we’re building the plane as we’re laying down the runway. But we are still more in control of our situations than we realize.


Looking Forward

::Super-planning-mode engaged:: Here’s what we’re most excited about for this year:

  1. Giving the Best to our Supporters. My main priority for these few months is getting everything for Kickstarter perfect. After endless tweaking and perfecting, I just submitted the final print file to our printers this week (!!). I am also super excited on how all the other items—even the packaging box—are going to turn out. 
  2. Exploring New Storytelling Methods. I love traditional books but I also love technology. I’m especially attracted to the idea of narrative apps and games with simple interactivity and meaningful messages. We’ve got a long way to go before we get there, but I am really excited to start exploring animation and interactivity with our stories. 
  3. Creating Meaningful New Products. Stories will always be the heart of Mimochai, but I can’t wait to evolve our products too. We’re focusing on doing a few things well, rather than too much too soon. On the horizon: I’ve been spending any extra brain space on thinking through the ideal journaling system ;)
  4. Making Helpful Content For You. A big part of my story is the connection I feel with supporters. This year I’m looking to connect more through helpful tutorials and behind-the-scenes. Hopefully, it may even inspire you to pursue your own creative endeavors, big or small.

Can't wait ^^ (Sign up for our newsletters if you'd like to stay updated.)

Direction For Our Year

I’m sharing this because I want to be open about how we create on a bigger picture level. Developing these directions came from editing down a ton of thoughts and ideas. It is really helpful to go through the exercise of blue-sky brainstorming, then going back and focusing it down into actionable steps.

You normally see just see the charmed side of the creative life, which is real and fun. But I also really believe in structure, focus and balance.

I want to share more of this side too because I realize a lot of people say “chase your dreams!” without ever really answering... how?

For now, I want to share the themes and quotes I’ve collected for this year’s MBR calendar. These words really help me reflect on the past year and set the direction for the upcoming one. I put them in their own post here:

A Make Believe Reality: Themes + Quotes for 2018

Last First Thoughts

The theme I chose for January is actually my personal theme for the year: Focus. In an age of oversaturation, I want to edit down both my consumption and output to what makes life meaningful to me. There’s no room for FOMO— I’d much rather miss out on some things than feel the ennui of being too exposed to everything. It’s easy to get jaded these days. I choose to fight off cynicism and be unabashedly wondrous.

Here’s to a spirited 2018 ^^


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